What is Volunteering?

Volunteering means giving your time and abilities to aid others without the want of financial compensation. Put simply, volunteering is a service to your community.

Many non-profit organisations rely on volunteers to accomplish day-to-day objectives and to reach long-term goals.  Most non-profit organisations would not be able to do the important work that they do without the power of volunteers.

volunteering at Larne Community Care Centre

Why Volunteer?

Nothing gets done by one person alone, volunteering your time, skills, and resources is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference, to help others, and to enhance your own wellbeing.

As a volunteer, you bring something unique to your volunteer role. The organisation, community or cause you’re involved with is enhanced and diversified by your contribution.

You make a difference!

Reasons to volunteer at LCCC

  1. Help others
  2. Make a difference
  3. Meet new people
  4. Gain a sense of purpose
  5. Become happier
  6. Boost your self-esteem
  7. Improve employability and strengthen your CV
  8. Improve your brain function
  9. Enjoy a meaningful conversation
  10. Connect with your community
  11. Be part of a team
  12. Use your skills in a productive way
  13. Develop new skills
  14. Gain confidence
  15. Feel involved
  16. Get out of the house
  17. Feel valued
  18. Make new friends
  19. Feel better about yourself
  20. Development and team building days

Volunteer Opportunities

One of the many benefits of volunteering is that there are endless ways that you can get involved and make a difference.

All LCCC volunteers receive full training and support in their role and can take part in regular development and team building days.

There are a wide range of volunteering opportunities within Larne Community Care Centre.

Ways to volunteer at LCCC

  1. Befriender
  2. Afterschool’s club helper
  3. Preschool helper
  4. DIY worker
  5. Painter & decorator
  6. Fundraiser
  7. Event organiser
  8. Admin assistance
  9. HR advisor
  10. IT advisor
  11. Leaflet and social media post designer
  12. Community drop In assistance

For more information, please contact us at info@larneccc.org.uk